Summer 2016

Certified Organic Blueberries
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Certified Organic Producer # 1506

Happy early summer everyone! What a beautiful springtime this year. More snow on the mountain tops - although not up to the levels of 2013 and 2014 - and beautiful sunny days interspersed with partially cloudy and rainy days. The kind of temperate springtime that North American blueberries love! We have a beautiful fruit set this year and look forward to it maturing by the very latest days of June or early July. Beginning harvest dates vary dependent on the weather so we'll keep you posted on Facebook and our outgoing phone message.

We are continuing our partnership this year with the Snohomish Health District to provide a "Clean Air Zone" at our farm, which means we are a no smoking (and no vaping) clean air farm. We want you all to stay very, very healthy, we are pleased that Snohomish County is continuing this project and hope that you will join in.

As in years past we will be bringing our fresh fruit and canned products to our farmers market locations starting in late June or early July. We will be limiting ourselves to markets on the weekends. These will continue to include the Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday, and the Magnolia Farmers Market and Edmonds Farmers Market on Saturday. All of these markets are open from 10AM to 3PM and we look forward to seeing you there.

We are excited to announce that our Fruit Stand on the farm will officially be opened and staffed during Farm hours. We will carry our fruit and canned products there along with bottled water and snacks for your convenience. For those of you who are accustomed to buying direct from the packing area and u-picking, Alberto or other staff will still be there to assist you.

We are also adding to our Recipes page this summer and will be posting new ideas on our Facebook page.

The farm will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10AM to 4PM. For those new to us we ask that you respect these hours since our staff works very long days and needs time in the early evening to finish up for the day and then get a little rest before sunrise! Please be sure to look at the weather for Darrington or our Facebook page before coming for u-pick or field fruit, remembering that the fields will be closed if the fruit is wet (it is raining or has recently stopped raining). This protects you and our fruit since the skin on wet fruit splits easily. Much better to pick when it is dry!

Our pricing for fruit at the farm is as follows:

  Bring your Own Container Use our Box
U-pick $3.00/lb $3.00/lb + $1.00/box
Field Pick (we pick) $3.50/lb $3.50/lb + $1.00/box
We pick/Culled Pint N/A $4.00/pint
We pick/Culled 6 pint box (5 lbs) N/A $20.00

Valerie and Tom Wall