Spring 2014

Certified Organic Blueberries
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Certified Organic Producer # 1506

Dear friends,

As we welcome the beginning of spring our hearts are deeply saddened by the tragedy of the mudslide on highway 530 between Oso and Darrington. Our farm is approximately 4 miles east of the mudslide so we are unharmed as is our farm family. For this we are deeply grateful. Yet we view the juxtaposition of the new growth and rebirth of springtime and the devastation of the mudslide. We ask that you keep the people of these communities in your hearts and prayers for the months to come as this is only the beginning of a long process recovery. We have asked through our Facebook page, that if you are interested, you contact the North Cascades Family Resources Center in Darrington (425-320-6996) to find out what is needed. They are coordinating the family to family efforts and are keeping close track of community and individual needs as they have worked in these communities for many years.

We expect that the closure of Hwy 530 will be quite long term which may necessitate some re-thinking of our farmers markets sales this summer. The drive has now more than doubled in miles and time so it will affect not only us coming to you but you coming to visit the farm. We will keep you posted as our plans progress over the next several months in preparation for July sales. If the highway remains closed it will prevent us from doing pre-harvest sales in June in most market locations. So we will all wait, watch and work patiently to assist our neighbors and prepare our harvest for summer.

Valerie and Tom Wall