Spring/Summer 2019

Certified Organic Blueberries
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Certified Organic Producer # 1506

Summer is here! What a winter – we are all ready for warm sunny days. We have continued with development of natural habitat for bumblebees - now in its second year - and are surprised and delighted with the number of native bees this year-great news! One more layer of natural sustainable farming with our humble bumbles.

We continue to have our all-natural products available. You will find all 5 yummy products, Blueberry Mango Chutney, Blueberry Mango Salsa, Blueberry Apple Compote, Blueberry Vinegar and Blueberry Lemon Preserve described and pictured on the Products page. They are available for purchase at our farm stand and in our farmers markets. These recipes have been part of our farm from its inception and have brought smiles to the faces of our friends and relatives for years. We hope that they will do the same for you. Follow us on Facebook for details of our market days and u-pick availability.

We continue to produce frozen fruit during harvest that is individually quick-frozen ensuring that flavor and quality is maintained for at least 1 year in the freezer. We sell this fruit in the late summer in the Edmonds and Lake Forest Park Farmers Markets and at the farm year-round. We look forward to seeing you in our farmers markets and at the farm this summer when harvest begins in early-July.

Did you know?

The blueberry is a relatively new fruit to farming but the wild blueberry from which our current varieties are derived has been around for thousands of years. Native Americans harvested and used wild blueberries for fresh consumption, as a dried fruit staple, and for medicinal purposes. In the early 1900’s, Elizabeth White, the daughter of a cranberry grower in New Jersey, began working with Frederick Coville, a USDA scientist to develop what we now know as blueberries. With her friends she gathered their favorite wild blueberry plants selected for specific attributes including hardiness, flavor, and size. These plants were cultivated on her farm and the process of crossing varieties began. In 1909 the first "blueberry" appeared.

Our farming goal is to stay as close to the wild natural beginnings of blueberries as possible by selecting heirloom varieties and a wild cultivar that maintain the natural deep blue color, the full health benefits of blueberries, more vibrant flavor, and that favor cold winters in order to allow for full dormancy, which produces sweeter fruit and more robust plants during harvest season. Our Spartans, Rubels and Jerseys are northern, cold country heirloom or wild cultivars, known for producing unusually high-quality fruit. We sell only #1 grade fruit that is hand-picked and cleaned before packaging. Please see our Products page for more information about each variety.

See you this summer!

Valerie Wall